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Transfer files via the Remote Desktop

Remote Desktop is a feature of Windows XP Professional that allows you to work on and see a remote machine as if you were physically in front of its screen.

One of the benefits of Remote Desktop is that you can transfer files between a local and remote computer. To do this, use the Remote Desktop Connection application that ships with XP. If you are connecting from Windows 9x or a Windows NT/2000 machine, install the client utility from the XP CD-ROM.

Follow these steps to complete the file transfer:

  1. Run the Remote Desktop Connection.
  2. Enter the IP address of the computer you want to connect to.
  3. Click Options and go to the Local Resources tab.
  4. Select the box for Disk Drives and connect/logon to the remote Windows XP Professional computer.
  5. Open Windows Explorer. You'll notice additional hard drives (x on tsclient) that represent the hard drives on the local computer.
  6. Copy the files between the local and remote computer by dragging and dropping the files in Windows Explorer.

Note: Copying files from local to remote computers can also be accomplished by using XP command line utilities.

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