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Enabling Remote Desktop

One of the best new features in Windows XP is Remote Desktop, which allows users to control their machines from a remote computer, viewing screen contents as if sitting in front of their own PC.

Even though Remote Desktop is based on Terminal Services technology (protocol is RDP 5.1), only one user session is allowed at a time, including the locally logged-on user. Additionally, Remote Desktop is available only in Windows XP Professional and not in Home Edition.

Before users can use Remote Desktop to connect to your Windows XP machine, you have to enable it. Right-click My Computer, select Properties, and then select the Remote tab. Select the All Users To Connect Remotely To This Computer check box. By default, only administrators can remotely connect to this machine. If you want other users to do the same, click the Select Remote Users button on the same dialog box and add the users.

Users will now be able to connect to your machine with the Remote Desktop Connection (Start | Programs | Accessories | Communications | Remote Desktop Connection). If users are not running Windows XP, you can install the client on their machines from your Windows XP CD-ROM. Just insert the CD, select Perform Additional Tasks on the Welcome To Microsoft Windows XP dialog box, and click Setup Remote Desktop Connection.

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