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Copy and paste in a command window

There are three ways to copy and paste the contents of a command window:

  1. Maximize the command window by pressing [Alt]+[Enter] and then press [Print Screen] to copy the screen to memory. You can paste that screen into a Windows application by opening the application and pressing [Ctrl]+V.
  2. Right-click the command window title bar, select Mark from the Edit menu, select the area to be copied, press [Enter] to copy the selection to memory or right-click the title bar again, and select Copy from the Edit menu.
  3. You can enable Quick Mode by right-clicking the title bar and selecting Properties | Options and enabling the QuickEdit Mode check box. Now you can select text with your left mouse button and simply press [Enter] to copy the selection into memory. You can paste the selection into a Windows application by pressing [Ctrl]+V.

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