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Keeping passwords unique with domain account policies

A solid password aging policy can help secure network resources by forcing users to select different passwords periodically. Not only does this make it more difficult for intruders to guess user passwords, it also limits the amount of time that a cracked password can be used for illicit purposes. To access the password age configuration, open User Manager For Domains and select Account from the Policies menu.

The first setting is Maximum Password Age, which forces users to change their passwords when the passwords reach a certain age. You can choose the options of Never Expire Passwords or Expire Passwords after one to 999 days.

To the right of these settings are the Minimum Password Age settings. Here you can choose to Allow Changes Immediately or require that a password be from one to 999 days old before allowing changes. The latter option ensures that users can't change their passwords back to previous passwords after being forced to choose new ones due to the Maximum Password Age configuration. Using these two password policies together can help keep your network resources secure.

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