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A win WINS situation, part 2

If your network is using WINS, you know that tweaking this service in Windows NT can be tricky. The following suggestions may help you streamline your WINS traffic and enable more efficient NetBios name resolution.

Three settings manage WINS replication traffic: Update Count, Replication Interval, and Start Time. The Update Count determines the number of record updates that must occur in the WINS database before the WINS server notifies its partners that replication updates exist. Depending on the number of name changes in your environment, increasing the Update Count reduces the number of replication notifications that the server sends. (However, name resolution failures may occur because WINS name changes will take longer to reach partner WINS servers.)

Here's how to increase the Update Count: In WINS Manager, click the Options | Preferences menu and then click Partners. When you see the Preferences screen, click Update Count.

Instead of increasing the Update Count, you can simply increase the Replication Interval. WINS sets the default Replication Interval to every 30 minutes. This means that once WINS notifies replication partners that updated records exist, partners pull replication records in 30 minutes. You need to adjust this value consistently across all WINS replication partners, and you need to control the time of day that replication events occur.

If you must increase the Replication Interval, time the updates to occur during off-hours—especially with WINS servers across WAN links. To set the Replication Interval, click Replication Interval on the Preferences screen and enter an interval in the HH:MM:SS format.

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