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Using DLC for network printers

Most of us probably use TCP/IP as the protocol of choice in our networks. However, you may have to support a small office where you'd prefer to use an easier-to-configure protocol like NetBEUI. But here's the rub—you've got an HP Jet Direct printer on this network that doesn't have a clue about NetBEUI.

DLC to the rescue! DLC (Data Link Control) is a special purpose, non-routable, low overhead protocol that provides direct access to the data link layer. You can use this protocol to give these printers functionality on your network. Here's how to configure them.

  1. First, install the DLC protocol through the Network icon in the control panel by choosing Add, then Protocol.
  2. Run the self-test software on the HP print device to obtain the network card address, a simple 12-byte number supplied by the card manufacturer.
  3. Go to Start | Settings | Printers | Add Printer.
  4. The printer wizard will start. Choose My Computer, then Next.
  5. Add the Hewlett-Packard Network Port and click OK.
  6. In the name box, type the printer name you are using.
  7. Now, if the printer is already on the network, you should be able to see the card address in the Card Address box. If not attached, type it in from your result in step 2.
  8. Click OK and you're ready to print.

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