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Setting up a VPN connection

You can establish secure, multiple-protocol VPN connections over the Internet using PPTP. By dialing into your ISP's point of presence, you can access corporate networks and programs without dialing directly into your company's network.

To use PPTP to connect to a server across the Internet, you must install the PPTP protocol. Go to Control Panel | Network, click the Protocols tab, highlight Point To Point Tunneling Protocol, and click Add.

After the protocol is loaded, Remote Access Service Setup will be launched. You must add at least one VPN port in RAS Setup. You may need to configure the newly created VPN adapter for the Dial Out And Receive Calls option. The default setting is Receive Calls Only.

Specify the protocols to run for the VPN port. If you have Service Pack 3 or later installed, reapply the service pack and restart the computer.

To make a PPTP connection to a target server over the Internet, go to Dial-Up Networking and make a new phone book entry for the server. For the phone number, specify the IP address or host name of the server. Make sure to specify the VPN port you want to use. Dial your ISP and make your connection to the Internet.

Once you're connected to your ISP, dial the target server to establish the PPTP connection and, voila!—you're in.

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