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Creating a share on a remote computer

There are times when an administrator needs to create a shared directory on a remote computer. First you'll need to create a directory on the remote machine. If the server is named NTSERVER1 and you want the directory to be on the D drive, you can bring up the administrative share by clicking Start | Run and typing \\NTSERVER1\D$. Once the drive is open, choose File | New | Folder and name the new folder PUBLIC.

Now that you've created the new directory, you need to actually share it. Go to Start | Programs | Administrative Tools | Server Manager. With Server Manager open, select the target computer and choose Computer | Shared Directories. In the Shared Directories dialog box, click New Share. Type the name of the share and the path, which for this example would be D:\Public. Remember to click Permissions and adjust them accordingly because the default will be Full Control for the group Everyone.

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