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SCSI adapter installation

You may have attempted to install a new SCSI adapter under NT and found that the SCSI Adapters | Drivers | Add function didn't recognize your new SCSI adapter. This is not uncommon and is usually the result of a problem with the %SYSTEMROOT%\SCSI.INF file. The following steps might fix your problem:

  1. Launch the command prompt.
  2. Type del/f/q%SystemRoot%\inf\Scsi.
    inf Expand<CD-ROM:>\i386\SCSI.
    in_%SystemRoot%\Inf\Scsi.inf (where <CD-ROM:> is the drive where you have your NT 4.0 CD-ROM).

You can also install third-party SCSI drivers using the Have Disk option if you have the drivers on a diskette, CD-ROM, or a networked drive.

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