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Migration from NT to Windows 2000, part 4

ClonePrincipal is a COM object and part of Support Tools for use in programs and scripts to incrementally migrate users and resources from Windows NT to Windows 2000 without disrupting the existing production environment. The best thing about ClonePrinpical is that you can use it from scripts and thus use it in complex environments where other tools won't cover the migration scenario.

Before using it, you should read the ClonePrincipal User Guide (Clonepr.doc, located in the file in the support\tools folder on your Windows 2000 CD). You'll also find a few sample scripts in this archive. In addition, Microsoft recommends that you read "Planning Migration from Windows NT to Microsoft Windows 2000" (Domming.doc), located in the same archive.

The Active Directory Migration Tool (ADMT) is a Microsoft Management Console (MMC) snap-in consisting of wizards that perform various migration tasks. This includes cloning security principals (users, groups, and computers), migrating user profiles, and updating access control lists (ACLs). ADMT can also be used in moving users and groups between different domains in the Windows 2000 forest.

Microsoft licensed this migration technology from Mission Critical Software and made it available for free to all Windows 2000 administrators. You can download ADMT from Microsoft.

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