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Migration from NT to Windows 2000, part 3

We've tried to convince you to do a lab upgrade before you start messing with production machines. Setting up a testing lab is easy. All you need is a few computers that closely resemble your real network. Of course, it would be ideal to have the same number of servers, computers, and users in the lab, but this is obviously not always possible.

What is possible is having the same environment in the test lab. You want to clone all your users to your testing machines. If all goes well, you can eventually replace old Windows NT 4 domain controllers with the Windows 2000 controllers from the lab.

Cloning means that your existing accounts will be preserved on the Windows NT domain controllers, and new identical accounts will be created in the Windows 2000 domain. This process is different from moving user accounts in that it allows you to return to the old account status if there are any problems with the migration.

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