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Installing and configuring RIS

Before you can start with client deployment, you have to install RIS files on your server's hard drive. To do this, go to Control Panel, double-click Add/Remove Programs, and then click Add/Remove Windows Components. Next, select Remote Installation Services from the Components list.

After Windows 2000 copies files needed by RIS to your server, you'll have to set up and configure RIS by running Risetup.exe. To successfully set up RIS, you will also need a special NTFS partition with 1 GB of free space that will hold client images.

After the system prepares RIS on your server, you'll be prompted for the Windows 2000 Professional CD, from which RIS will create the first image. After that, you can create additional images from the CD or with the help of Riprep.exe. Riprep.exe creates an image of the local reference system and sends it to the RIS server.

There is no special Microsoft Management console that would allow you to manage RIS server. Management functions and settings are well hidden on the computer object. To see them, you have to open the Active Directory Users And Computers console, right-click the RIS server, and select Properties. All RIS-related settings are on the Remote Install tab.

Other settings are hidden in Group Policy objects. Open the Group Policy object and then drill down to User Configuration | Windows Settings | Remote Installation Settings. You get to the options by double-clicking Choice Options.

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