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Why Setup renames accounts during an upgrade

When you run Winnt32.exe to upgrade Windows 2000 over Windows 9x, Setup checks for existing Windows 9x user accounts on the computer. If Setup detects accounts with names that match Windows 2000 reserved accounts (e.g., Guest), Setup prompts you during the reporting phase (before installation actually starts) to change the existing Windows 9x names so they don't conflict. Setup automatically appends a - 1 to the name, turning Guest into Guest-1, for example. You can accept the default or specify a different name, provided the name you specify doesn't conflict with a reserved user or group name. During an unattended installation, Setup automatically defaults to appending - 1 to the conflicting account name(s).

The one exception to this rule is the Administrator account. Rather than prompting you to rename the account, Setup migrates the Windows 9x Administrator account settings to the Windows 2000 Administrator account. In addition to specifying a different account name, you're also prompted for a password for the existing accounts.

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