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Locating the installation directory during setup

Setup uses an automatic method of choosing the Windows 2000 folder during installation that might result in you not having the chance to specify the installation directory or volume. Setup defaults to using \WINNT as the installation folder unless that folder already exists (in the case of a clean install). If you choose the existing folder, all files and folders under the existing \WINNT folder are deleted.

Windows 2000 Professional Setup also automatically selects the installation partition based on a handful of factors when multiple partitions exist. Setup checks for an existing operating system on a partition, and if it finds one, it switches to the next partition that has enough free space to contain the operating system and temporary setup files. If all of the partitions contain an operating system, Setup chooses the one with the most free space.

In most instances, you'll probably want to control where Setup installs Windows 2000. The best option is to use Winnt32.exe to perform the installation. In the wizard, select Advanced Options on the Select Special Options page. You can specify the installation folder and also direct Setup to let you choose the installation partition during installation. If you need to use Winnt.exe to install Windows 2000, execute Winnt.exe with the /t switch, specifying the volume Setup should use for temporary files and the installation folder. Use Winnt.exe /? to get more information on Winnt.exe command switches.

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