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Change Windows 2000 registration

You're probably aware that Setup brands an installation with a user name and company name when you install Windows 2000. Many applications use the same information when installed. In most cases, you probably won't need to change the registration information. If you're giving your computer to someone else in the office, selling a personal computer, or simply want to change the information for some other reason, you can do so easily through the registry.

Open the Registry Editor and expand the registry branch HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion. You'll see two settings, RegisteredOrganization and RegisteredOwner, which specify your installation's OS registration. You can simply double-click each value and change it as needed. You'll see the change reflected in the properties for My Computer, as well as when you install new applications.

Another setting you might need to change is the ProductID setting, located in the same key. If you previously registered Windows 2000 under a particular key and then reinstalled the operating system, the product ID will be different. If you have the old key or have obtained it from Microsoft support, simply double-click the ProductID value and specify the correct one.

Note: Please remember that editing your registry can be risky, so be sure you have a verified backup before you make any changes.

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