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Using two or more monitors

Windows 2000 makes it much easier to configure and use multiple displays. Whether you're doing software or Web development, desktop publishing, or other applications, having extra screen real estate can be a productivity booster. You can add additional PCI display adapters to a Win2K system to act as secondary displays (the primary can be an AGP display adapter). Windows 2000 expands the desktop to accommodate the new display, making the desktop fit seamlessly across the displays.

To use multiple displays in Windows 2000, shut down the system and add the PCI display adapters. Restart the system and allow Win2K to detect and install drivers for the adapters. You can then configure the multiple adapters and how they accommodate the desktop through the display properties. Simply select the adapter you want to configure from the numbered boxes and set resolution and other properties as you would for a single adapter configuration. Click and drag the numbered monitor icons to arrange the desktop according to your physical monitor layout. The option Use This Device As The Primary Monitor specifies which adapter is used to display the logon dialog, desktop icons, taskbar, etc. Use the option Extend My Windows Desktop Onto This Monitor to enable or disable an adapter.

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