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What do you need to run Windows 2000 Server?

All the advancements, improved functionality, and new features in Windows 2000 also bring new hardware requirements. While many system administrators will be able to run Windows 2000 on their existing servers and workstations, others will find they need to upgrade...more |

Using Windows 2000 Terminal Server

How many hours have you spent going from machine to machine installing space-hogging programs such as Microsoft Office and Corel WordPerfect Suite? Unless your company can afford software that will push applications across the network for you, this can be...more |

Product overview: Microsoft's Windows 2000 Datacenter Server

On Aug. 11, Microsoft Corp. announced the release of the Microsoft Windows 2000 Datacenter Server. A launch date of Sept. 26 is planned for the program, along with several other enterprise servers including SQL Server 2000, Exchange Server 2000, BizTalk...more "#"

Working with Windows 2000's Distributed File System

In the "Understanding the Windows 2000 Distributed File System" article, I introduced you to the Windows Distributed File System (Dfs) and showed you what it can do. In addition, I discussed using mounted volumes in Windows 2000. But now it's...more |

How to install Windows 2000 Server

A systematic guide to installing Windows 2000 Server. This guide covers installing Windows 2000 Server or Advanced Server on a computer without an operating system and no hard disk partition....more

Help your clients choose the best options for Windows 2000 Server licenses

With myriad choices and price increases, Windows 2000 Server licensing is proving to be a tricky task for buyers....more

Creating answer files

One option for automating setup of a Windows 2000 Server (or client) is to create an unattended setup file (also called an answer file) that includes answers used by the setup program. Creating this setup file can take quite a...more

Unattended installation from the CD

Windows 2000 includes support for unattended installation performed directly from the CD. All you have to do is create an answer file (in Notepad or with Windows 2000 Setup Manager Wizard), modify a few entries, and put the answer file...more

Remote Installation Services

Remote Installation Services (RIS) is a special set of services in Windows 2000 that allows for installation of Windows 2000 Professional on client computers without administrator assistance. End users have to turn the computer on, press [F12], log in to...more

Installing and configuring RIS

Before you can start with client deployment, you have to install RIS files on your server's hard drive. To do this, go to Control Panel, double-click Add/Remove Programs, and then click Add/Remove Windows Components. Next, select Remote Installation Services from...more

Limitations of RIS and Ghost images

The Remote Installation Service that comes with Windows 2000 Server only allows for remote installation of Windows 2000 Professional - you can't use it for remote installs of Windows 2000 Server. However, Microsoft has provided documentation on how to perform...more

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