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Accomplishing familiar Windows NT tasks in Windows 2000

Even though Microsoft derived Windows 2000 from Windows NT, it made significant changes to the ways in which you perform administrative tasks. Many of the tools and techniques you were accustomed to using in NT won't work or have changed....more

Understanding user profiles

Windows NT automatically creates user profiles that store user-specific information such as desktop settings, shortcuts, mapped drives, printer configurations, and more. NT supports three types of profiles: local, roaming, and mandatory. Local profiles are stored only on the workstation. This...

Enforcing use of mandatory profiles

If you've created mandatory profiles for some users and want them to use only those mandatory profiles, you need to configure the system such that if the mandatory profiles aren't available, the users won't be allowed to log on. That...

Change multiple accounts at once

Using Account Manager for Domains, you can change settings for multiple users at once. The process is pretty simple. Select the first account that you want to modify, then hold down [Ctrl] and select any additional accounts. You can also...

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