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Determining deployment costs for Windows 2000 Server

Just as many organizations are deploying Windows 2000 Professional on the desktop, the same businesses are migrating to Windows 2000 Server to handle back-office applications. Designed to replace Windows NT, Windows 2000 Server, geared toward small to medium-size companies, brings...more |

Quick disk safety nets for Windows 2000 upgrade

If you're making the move from Windows NT to Windows 2000, don't forget to take a few basic precautions. Upgrades can go wrong, and if that happens, you don't want to lose system configuration data. Although a particular peripheral device...

Cloning your current configuration

How do you keep your existing Windows NT Workstation configuration and still upgrade it to Windows 2000 Professional? Easy! You clone the Windows NT installation then upgrade the cloned copy. The result is a dual-boot system with your old installation...more

Why Setup renames accounts during an upgrade

When you run Winnt32.exe to upgrade Windows 2000 over Windows 9x, Setup checks for existing Windows 9x user accounts on the computer. If Setup detects accounts with names that match Windows 2000 reserved accounts (e.g., Guest), Setup prompts you during...more

Upgrading to Windows XP

Many computer experts recommend fresh installs of Windows over upgrades. Upgrades are useful because it's unnecessary to reinstall all programs; however, this is the only advantage over a fresh install....more

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