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Using Windows 2000 hardware diagnostic tools

Hardware problems can really disrupt the way your company functions. If a hardware problem occurs on a server, then many users may not be able to access critical resources. In this article, I'll explain some ways you can get Windows...more

Working with Microsoft Windows 2000's Performance Monitor

Monitoring your server's performance is an important part of maintaining and administering your Windows 2000 installation. Performance data can help you understand your workload and the effect it has on your system's resources. You can observe changes and trends over...more

Use Performance Monitor to discover your server's peak usage

To properly judge your server’s performance, you need to know when your server is at its busiest. Performing random Task Manager checks can’t confirm whether your server is adequately handling your users’ needs. It’s very possible that your random checks...more

Using the Windows 2000 Task Scheduler

As you know, you normally start programs by double-clicking icons or issuing commands from the command line. But what if you want programs to start themselves? You can use the Windows 2000 Task Scheduler. In this article, we'll look at...more |

Can't browse network after installing a new card?

After installing a new network card and the network drivers on a post-SP3 system, the following message may appear in the event viewer: "System error 1130 has occurred. Not enough server storage is available to process this command." This error...

Troubleshooting TCP/IP in five steps

Since TCP/IP is the protocol of choice among admins in the NT world, here are five quick steps to troubleshoot connectivity issues if machines don't seem to be able to contact each other: Ping the IP address of a remote...

Troubleshooting persistent printer problems

You've probably had to troubleshoot a problem printer more than once. Typically you're told by the printer's manufacturer to uninstall and reinstall the printer driver. You've probably found, however, that this doesn't always fix the problem. Sometimes you have no...more

Setup hangs on startup

When you're installing Windows 2000, the text-mode portion of Setup might hang while displaying the message, "Setup is starting Windows 2000." This system hang can be caused by a number of things. One reason could be that you've installed a...more

Troubleshoot configuration issues with the System Configuration Utility

Windows XP ships with the System Configuration Utility that helps administrators troubleshoot configuration issues. To launch the utility, type msconfig in the Run prompt....more

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