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Know what's happening on your Windows 2000 server with auditing

Security is a major concern with network administrators. You can't keep up with everything that's going on simultaneously on your network. However, you can configure audit policies to help you track a variety of activities and keep your network safe....more

Creating an automatic logon for your Windows server

As you know from years of working with Windows NT, before you can do anything on your server, you must log on. The traditional way of doing so is by pressing [Ctrl][Alt][Del] and providing a password when the server starts...more |

Restricting registry edits

It seems like all the cool stuff to enhance NT performance involves registry editing. Obviously you don't want just anyone to have the capability to make potentially devastating registry changes. Here's a way to restrict access to regedt32.exe. (Note that...

Dump registry to text files for tracking

Windows NT doesn't keep track of registry changes for you. So, if you really want to find out what's going on, you'll have to use some roundabout methods. Our technique involves dumping the contents of the registry to a text...

Setting a maximum size for the registry

The maximum size of the registry is 102 MB, which is 80 percent of the paged pool. The paged pool is an area of physical memory used for system data that can be written to disk when not in use....

Apply changes to the registry with a click

Occasionally, you may hear about registry tweaks that you'd like to tryout on your system, but you hate to go rooting through your registry for fear of damaging something. Your reluctance is well founded. However, you can reduce the chance...

Deleting registry values from the command line

You can delete a registry setting from a command line or batch file using the Reg.exe utility that comes with the Windows NT Resource Kit Supplement 2. Typing reg delete HKLM\Software\regsetting deletes the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\regsetting value. This command requires confirmation, unless...

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