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Using Windows 2000 hardware diagnostic tools

Hardware problems can really disrupt the way your company functions. If a hardware problem occurs on a server, then many users may not be able to access critical resources. In this article, I'll explain some ways you can get Windows...more

Working with Microsoft Windows 2000's Performance Monitor

Monitoring your server's performance is an important part of maintaining and administering your Windows 2000 installation. Performance data can help you understand your workload and the effect it has on your system's resources. You can observe changes and trends over...more

Use Performance Monitor to discover your server's peak usage

To properly judge your server’s performance, you need to know when your server is at its busiest. Performing random Task Manager checks can’t confirm whether your server is adequately handling your users’ needs. It’s very possible that your random checks...more

Monitoring Active Directory performance

Contrary to the hopes of hardware manufacturers, sometimes the cure to poor performance doesn't lie in throwing more hardware at a network and hoping things improve. Instead, you should monitor the performance of components of your network and tweak where...more

Performance monitoring in Windows: An overview

There are several performance monitoring tools available to Windows administrators. Which tool you use will depend on what you are trying to accomplish, your operating system and your technical skills....more

Use System Monitor to find bottlenecks in Windows Server 2003

Windows Server 2003 comes with two performance monitoring tools: System Monitor, and Performance Logs and Alerts. These tools provide information that administrators can use to find bottlenecks and for troubleshooting Windows....more

NICs and performance

Installing multiple network adapters is beneficial in an NT server environment because doing so allows the server to process network requests over multiple adapters simultaneously. If your organization's network uses multiple protocols, consider placing each protocol on a different adapter....

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