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Converting FAT partitions to NTFS

Many administrators install Windows NT with a FAT partition to ensure its accessibility with a DOS boot disk. However, this approach limits the functionality of the partition because you can't employ auditing or permission assignments. And simply reformatting a FAT...

Getting a little more from CONVERT

We've introduced you to Windows NT's CONVERT command, which lets you convert a FAT partition to NTFS without losing any data. Typically, this process runs invisibly at the next reboot of your system. However, if you want to see all...

Delete NTFS partitions

NTFS partitions can sometimes be tricky to get rid of. Usually an NTFS partition can be deleted using FDISK (you'd select Delete Non-DOS Partition, available under Delete Partition Or Logical DOS Drive); however, this won't work if the NTFS partition...

The drive cannot be locked for exclusive use

Like it's not bad enough that your mirror failed and you had to break it. Now you can't delete a partition from the broken mirror. When you try to delete a partition that was part of a broken mirror set,...

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