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Implementing Windows 2000 hard disk quotas

One of the biggest headaches for Windows NT administrators has often been the issue of running out of hard disk space. In just about every company that I've ever worked for, there has been a user that tried to copy...more

Understanding the new Windows 2000 permission scheme

Windows 2000 handles permissions very differently from the way in which Windows NT does. In this article, I'll walk you through the new Windows 2000 permission structure, and I'll explain how you can use these new permissions effectively....more

Combining sharing and NTFS permissions in Windows 2000

In this article, I'll cover the tricky subject of what happens when you combine permissions. After reading this piece, you should be able to set up and troubleshoot permissions on your network and clients more quickly....more

Know what's happening on your Windows 2000 server with auditing

Security is a major concern with network administrators. You can't keep up with everything that's going on simultaneously on your network. However, you can configure audit policies to help you track a variety of activities and keep your network safe....more

Understanding the Windows 2000 Distributed File System

You add hard drives to your servers, and your users fill them up. How do you add storage with minimal impact on your network? In this article, we'll introduce you to a solution—the Windows 2000 Distributed File System (Dfs)....more

Seven steps to a successful Windows 2000 installation

There's more to Windows 2000 installation than just a waiting client or server and a Windows 2000 CD-ROM. Before installing Windows 2000, complete this quick checklist....more

How to install Windows 2000 Server

A systematic guide to installing Windows 2000 Server. This guide covers installing Windows 2000 Server or Advanced Server on a computer without an operating system and no hard disk partition....more

Creating and formatting volumes

There are many ways to create, format, resize, and delete volumes in the NT world. Here are some methods you can use during the setup process itself: Create and format a new primary partition for the NT install, provided you...

Changing access permissions with NTFS

When a volume has been formatted as NTFS, you have an extra tab called Permissions in the Properties window. To change the permissions on an NTFS volume, start Windows Explorer, right-click a directory, and select Properties. Click the Security tab...

Use NTFS permissions to guard open systems

Even in a tightly administered environment, you may still want to enable shared folder or file permissions for some networked resources. In such an environment, remember that NTFS permissions work cumulatively - that is, the most restrictive permission applied to...

Converting FAT partitions to NTFS

Many administrators install Windows NT with a FAT partition to ensure its accessibility with a DOS boot disk. However, this approach limits the functionality of the partition because you can't employ auditing or permission assignments. And simply reformatting a FAT...

Getting a little more from CONVERT

We've introduced you to Windows NT's CONVERT command, which lets you convert a FAT partition to NTFS without losing any data. Typically, this process runs invisibly at the next reboot of your system. However, if you want to see all...

Delete NTFS partitions

NTFS partitions can sometimes be tricky to get rid of. Usually an NTFS partition can be deleted using FDISK (you'd select Delete Non-DOS Partition, available under Delete Partition Or Logical DOS Drive); however, this won't work if the NTFS partition...

Disabling the DOS 8.3 name convention in NTFS

To disable the DOS 8.3 name creation convention on an NTFS partition, you must open the registry editor, navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\ Control\FileSystem, and change the NtfsDisable8dot3NameCreation value from 0 to 1. By doing this, you may experience problems while installing...

What are those $directories?

Perhaps you're in a clean-up mood and are just itching to delete those directories that start with a dollar sign. In a word, don't even try! Those files hold critical NTFS volume information. Below is a list of all the...

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