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Understanding the new Windows 2000 permission scheme

Windows 2000 handles permissions very differently from the way in which Windows NT does. In this article, I'll walk you through the new Windows 2000 permission structure, and I'll explain how you can use these new permissions effectively....more

Combining sharing and NTFS permissions in Windows 2000

In this article, I'll cover the tricky subject of what happens when you combine permissions. After reading this piece, you should be able to set up and troubleshoot permissions on your network and clients more quickly....more

Changing access permissions with NTFS

When a volume has been formatted as NTFS, you have an extra tab called Permissions in the Properties window. To change the permissions on an NTFS volume, start Windows Explorer, right-click a directory, and select Properties. Click the Security tab...

Use NTFS permissions to guard open systems

Even in a tightly administered environment, you may still want to enable shared folder or file permissions for some networked resources. In such an environment, remember that NTFS permissions work cumulatively - that is, the most restrictive permission applied to...

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