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NICs and performance

Installing multiple network adapters is beneficial in an NT server environment because doing so allows the server to process network requests over multiple adapters simultaneously. If your organization's network uses multiple protocols, consider placing each protocol on a different adapter....

Removing a NIC reference

Occasionally Windows NT won't let you remove a network card reference from the Network icon in Control Panel. If this happens, don't despair. There's a registry edit that will allow you to remove all references to the NIC. Here's how:...

Can't browse network after installing a new card?

After installing a new network card and the network drivers on a post-SP3 system, the following message may appear in the event viewer: "System error 1130 has occurred. Not enough server storage is available to process this command." This error...

Installing TCP/IP without a NIC

Microsoft has included a loopback adapter that allows you to test TCP/IP without having a network card installed. To install the loopback adapter, do the following: Start the Control Panel (Start | Settings | Control Panel). Double-click on the Network...

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