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Active Directory: Questions and Answers

What is the difference between Windows 2000 Active Directory and Windows 2003 Active Directory? Is there any difference in 2000 Group Polices and 2003 Group Polices? What is meant by ADS and ADS services in Windows 2003? Windows 2003 Active...more

A win WINS situation, part 1

Here's some information that can help you determine if WINS is appropriate for your network. Do implement WINS in small TCP/IP environments. Using WINS reduces NetBIOS name administration, and WINS performs better than DNS. Do implement WINS in mixed environments....

A win WINS situation, part 2

If your network is using WINS, you know that tweaking this service in Windows NT can be tricky. The following suggestions may help you streamline your WINS traffic and enable more efficient NetBios name resolution. Three settings manage WINS replication...

Optimizing the WINS Cache

Name resolution must take place for a PC to access computers on a network. Most NT networks have a WINS server, which performs the necessary conversions and maintains a cache of all NetBIOS names. By default the NetBIOS name stays...

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