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Using Windows 2000 Terminal Server

How many hours have you spent going from machine to machine installing space-hogging programs such as Microsoft Office and Corel WordPerfect Suite? Unless your company can afford software that will push applications across the network for you, this can be...more |

Seven steps to a successful Windows 2000 installation

There's more to Windows 2000 installation than just a waiting client or server and a Windows 2000 CD-ROM. Before installing Windows 2000, complete this quick checklist....more

Help your clients choose the best options for Windows 2000 Server licenses

With myriad choices and price increases, Windows 2000 Server licensing is proving to be a tricky task for buyers....more

Installing extra Windows NT licenses

To install extra per-server licenses for a Windows NT Server, follow these steps: Log on to the Windows NT Server. Start the License Manager (Start | Programs | Administrative Tools | License Manager). Click the Products View tab. Click Windows...

Resetting license info

Licensing is an issue that can certainly create its fair share of administrative overload, particularly if you need to reset the licensing information when changing from per server to per seat. Remember also that you can make a one-time only...

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