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Modifying Active Directory's schema

Active Directory is at the heart of your Windows 2000 or Windows 2003-based network. It contains all of the objects that represent network resources, all the people that can access those resources, and how they all relate to one another....more

Monitoring Active Directory performance

Contrary to the hopes of hardware manufacturers, sometimes the cure to poor performance doesn't lie in throwing more hardware at a network and hoping things improve. Instead, you should monitor the performance of components of your network and tweak where...more

Extracting Active Directory info quick and easy with LDIFDE

As mature as Active Directory is, it still amazes me how many admins I talk to who have no idea how to write simple LDIFDE.exe commands to gather data for routine operations. My next few articles will give you some...more

What clients can I use with Active Directory?

As you know, Microsoft's Windows 2000 has a multitude of features to offer the network administrator. The Active Directory (AD) environment provides you with extensive control of both your server's and workstation configuration and performance. If you decide to incorporate...more

Understanding Active Directory, part 1

Understanding Active Directory (AD) is an important step in fully understanding Windows 2000 and its implications for your organization. This article is the first in a series about Active Directory, its features, and how it can fit into your organization's...more

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