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Seven steps to a successful Windows 2000 installation

There's more to Windows 2000 installation than just a waiting client or server and a Windows 2000 CD-ROM. Before installing Windows 2000, complete this quick checklist....more

How to install Windows 2000 Server

A systematic guide to installing Windows 2000 Server. This guide covers installing Windows 2000 Server or Advanced Server on a computer without an operating system and no hard disk partition....more

Getting started with Remote Installation Services

Active Directory may be hogging the spotlight, but Windows 2000 Server also offers several other new features that will make your job easier. Some of these features allow users to connect remotely from laptops, while others provide for complete lockdown...more

Installing Windows 2000 with the Remote Installation Service

The Remote Installation Service (RIS) will help you deploy the Windows operating system to computers on your network, regardless of where they are. In this article, Steven Pittsley shows you how to configure RIS on a Windows 2000 server. After...more

Vulnerabilities in unattended installations

When an unattended installation of Windows NT 4.0 is performed, the installation parameters are included in the Unattend.txt file. A vulnerability exists because the installation process copies the parameter file to a file in %windir%\system32 ($winnt$.inf for a normal unattended...

Locating the installation directory during setup

Setup uses an automatic method of choosing the Windows 2000 folder during installation that might result in you not having the chance to specify the installation directory or volume. Setup defaults to using \WINNT as the installation folder unless that...more

Perform an unattended setup

While unattended setup is generally most applicable in a wide-scale deployment effort, it can be a useful tool in small networks for duplicating new systems. Unattended setup can even be useful on a single workstation. For example, you might use...more

Creating answer files

One option for automating setup of a Windows 2000 Server (or client) is to create an unattended setup file (also called an answer file) that includes answers used by the setup program. Creating this setup file can take quite a...more

Answer file entries

Most of the time, you'll use the Windows 2000 Setup Manager Wizard to create unattended setup files. But this tool isn't perfect, and sometimes you'll still have to rely on your editing skills with Notepad or some other text editor....more

Unattended installation from the CD

Windows 2000 includes support for unattended installation performed directly from the CD. All you have to do is create an answer file (in Notepad or with Windows 2000 Setup Manager Wizard), modify a few entries, and put the answer file...more

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