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Preparing to use Windows 2000 group policies

Change control and distributed security are two issues that affect not only large organizations but also small ones. In some respects, they can be even more important in a small organization than in a larger one. If you allow a...more

Verify group policies with tools from the Windows 2000 Resource Kit

In Windows 2000, it can sometimes be difficult to keep track of which group policies are in effect for a particular user or computer. When you have dozens of group policies, some of which can counteract and conflict with each...more

Best practices for securing Windows Server 2003

If you've ever deployed Windows NT Server or Windows 2000 Server, you probably know that Microsoft designed those products to be unsecure by default. Although Microsoft has provided many security mechanisms, it's been up to you to implement them. But...more

Check Group Policy assignment with RSoP

It's a good bet you're familiar with group policy, which enables administrators to assert change control and set a broad range of settings for the operating system, desktop and working environment, network, and much more for servers and workstations. You...more

New Windows Server 2003 tool boosts group-policy control

Anyone who has ever administered group policies in a Windows 2000 Server environment knows that the process can be both confusing and frustrating. Although Microsoft's hierarchical approach to group policy implementation makes sense at a logistical level, the management interface...more

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