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Creating and formatting volumes

There are many ways to create, format, resize, and delete volumes in the NT world. Here are some methods you can use during the setup process itself: Create and format a new primary partition for the NT install, provided you...

Converting FAT partitions to NTFS

Many administrators install Windows NT with a FAT partition to ensure its accessibility with a DOS boot disk. However, this approach limits the functionality of the partition because you can't employ auditing or permission assignments. And simply reformatting a FAT...

Getting a little more from CONVERT

We've introduced you to Windows NT's CONVERT command, which lets you convert a FAT partition to NTFS without losing any data. Typically, this process runs invisibly at the next reboot of your system. However, if you want to see all...

Create FAT partitions at setup

When you install Windows 2000, you have the option of creating and formatting a partition. Setup gives you two options for formatting the volume: FAT or NTFS. If you select FAT, Setup doesn't give you the option of deciding whether...more

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