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Getting started with Remote Installation Services

Active Directory may be hogging the spotlight, but Windows 2000 Server also offers several other new features that will make your job easier. Some of these features allow users to connect remotely from laptops, while others provide for complete lockdown...more

Installing Windows 2000 with the Remote Installation Service

The Remote Installation Service (RIS) will help you deploy the Windows operating system to computers on your network, regardless of where they are. In this article, Steven Pittsley shows you how to configure RIS on a Windows 2000 server. After...more

Changing a remote system from static to dynamic IP

You may occasionally need to change a remote system from a static IP to a dynamic IP (DHCP). Here's how: Open Regedt32 and view the remote registry via File | Select Computer. Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\ Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\NetworkCards\1 (or whatever number...

Do you have a reservation for that MAC?

We are the first to admit that DHCP has been the answer to many a beleaguered NT administrator. No more coffee-stained pages falling from the rubber band-bound clipboard. But how do you deal with those situations when certain machines must...

Find another location for your DHCP backup

DHCP is responsible for significantly easing our workload in managing IP addresses. The DHCP service does back up its database and files. However, it stores them in the Winnt\system32\DHCP\backup directory on the same partition that is running the DHCP service....

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