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Know what's happening on your Windows 2000 server with auditing

Security is a major concern with network administrators. You can't keep up with everything that's going on simultaneously on your network. However, you can configure audit policies to help you track a variety of activities and keep your network safe....more

Creating a Windows 2000 audit policy

Security is often one of the top concerns for network administrators. After all, it's not uncommon for networks to contain confidential data such as employee records or information on new products. Fortunately, there are countless security mechanisms that you can...more

Accomplishing familiar Windows NT tasks in Windows 2000

Even though Microsoft derived Windows 2000 from Windows NT, it made significant changes to the ways in which you perform administrative tasks. Many of the tools and techniques you were accustomed to using in NT won't work or have changed....more

Auditing failed logons to track hacker activity

Hackers often gain access to a system by setting up an automated program that bombards a server with thousands of possible password combinations. Windows NT provides an auditing utility that can help you recognize these hacking attempts by tracking events...

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