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Know what's happening on your Windows 2000 server with auditing

Security is a major concern with network administrators. You can't keep up with everything that's going on simultaneously on your network. However, you can configure audit policies to help you track a variety of activities and keep your network safe....more

Organizing Active Directory objects

Windows 2000's Active Directory presents a whole new ball game for Windows NT administrators. To be successful in implementing AD, you must know what objects you can work with and how to organize and move objects around. In this...more

How to move objects among domains in Active Directory

Active Directory (AD) should be structured to mimic your company's organizational layout. But what about when your company undergoes a reorganization or a merger? If all the objects you need to move remain with their present domain, no big deal....more

How to move users and groups in Active Directory

As your company grows, the original Active Directory structure may cease to fit the organization's administrative and architectural needs. When this happens, you can simply reorganize the Active Directory structure rather than having to completely rebuild your network from square...more

Managing objects in Active Directory

When you deploy Active Directory and Windows 2000 or Windows 2003, you must learn a new set of administration utilities and new ways of doing things. In this article, I'll shown you how to manage objects using the Active Directory...more

Reorganizing Active Directory

Active Directory's structure should mimic your company's organizational structure. However, many times this means that you'll have to reorganize Active Directory to better meet your needs. Reorganization can be a daunting prospect, but it doesn't have to be as challenging...more

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