Next Windows Desktop OS: Windows 7

Windows Vista has barely been in the hands of consumers six months, but its successor already has a ship date.

At Microsoft's Global Exchange (MGX) annual sales conference in Orlando last week, Microsoft gave preliminary information out about "Windows 7," its next desktop operating system. Microsoft said it can be expected in 2010, giving it about a three-year development period.


Microsoft Copy Protection Cracked Again

Microsoft Corp. is once again on the defensive against hackers after the launch of a new program that gives average PC users tools to unlock copy-protected digital music and movies.

The latest version of the FairUse4M program, which can crack Microsoft's digital rights management system for Windows Media audio and video files, was published online late Friday. In the past year, Microsoft plugged holes exploited by two earlier versions of the program and filed a federal lawsuit against its anonymous authors. Microsoft dropped the lawsuit after failing to identify them.


Vista SP1 beta 1 to launch in mid-July

It's official: We are now in the under-promise and over-deliver era at Microsoft.


Faces Hidden On Windows Vista DVD!

Windows Vista DVD mystery solved Microsoft opens up on holographic conspiracy theory


Microsoft-Sponsored Study: Vista Improves Networking

Companies that deploy Windows Server 2008 and Windows Vista in tandem could see more than a threefold increase in networking performance, according to a Microsoft-commissioned study.


Microsoft Website Calls Longhorn 'Windows Server 2008'

Microsoft may have slipped up Thursday afternoon and inadvertently posted the official name of its next server operating system, currently codenamed 'Longhorn.'


"Longhorn" Server Public Beta Arrives

The next generation Windows Server took the biggest step yet on its long and winding road toward commercial availability when Microsoft announced the release of "Longhorn" Beta 3 Wednesday night.


Microsoft Offers SaaS Support to ISVs

Microsoft Corp. wants to provide support to independent software vendors (ISVs) that are plunging into the Software as a Service (SaaS) industry. It has extended a helping hand through its new Microsoft SaaS Incubation Center Program, which was announced yesterday. The program combines hosting services with advice for ISVs on SaaS technology.


Microsoft Updates Action Packs

Microsoft has added several new messaging offerings to its latest Action Pack. Eric Ligman, a Microsoft manager for the Small Business Community Engagement, wrote in a blog posting that Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 64-bit and Office Outlook 2007 with Business Contact Manager have been included in the April Action Pack shipment.


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