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Microsoft Releases New Windows for Legacy PCs

Microsoft Releases New Windows for Legacy PCs
Author: Tuan Nguyen
Date: July 14, 2006 7:11 AM
Source: DailyTech


Win98 and ME users now have a reason to upgrade, says Microsoft

In an effort to get old PCs upgraded -- and generate more revenue -- to newer versions of Windows, Microsoft this week announced a new version of Windows called Windows Fundamentals for Legacy PCs. The new operating system will be a highly stripped down version of Windows XP, taking out all the fancy bells and whistles.

Microsoft says that there are many legacy systems that are not capable of upgrading to a full blown Windows XP install, and there are more systems where users are hesitant to upgrade. With Windows Fundamentals, Microsoft says that old systems will be able to receive all the latest security features and updates of recent systems, without having to sacrifice performance. Unfortunately, Windows Fundamentals will be limited to what applications it can run. Microsoft says that the OS is capable of running security tools, management software, and several document viewers. Larger applications will need to be run from a server. According to Microsoft:

Microsoft Windows Fundamentals for Legacy PCs is a Windows-based operating system designed for customers who have older computers running earlier operating systems and who are not in a position to purchase new hardware. This operating system is available only to Microsoft Software Assurance customers and helps you get the most from your older hardware, thereby reducing your total cost of ownership.

Microsoft says that the new version of Windows is available immediately to customers on the Software Assurance program, which Microsoft uses to provide discounted upgrade paths to corporate customers. According to details, Microsoft says that old machines can be turned into useful thin clients or terminals.

DailyTech earlier reported that Microsoft discontinued support for Windows 98 and Windows ME operating systems. Customers currently using these legacy versions of Windows can no longer receive support from Microsoft -- updates and security patches are gone as well. With Windows Fundamentals, Microsoft is hoping that customers using Windows 98 and Windows ME will be moving upwards. An upgrade to Windows Fundamentals will grant support options for legacy customers.


What will happens with my old Win98SE? :-)

It serves me great.

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