Since the inception of its certification program, Microsoft has certified almost 1.5 million people. As the computer network industry increases in both size and complexity, this number is sure to grow—and the need for proven ability will also increase. Companies rely on certifications to verify the skills of prospective employees and contractors.

Microsoft has developed its Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) program to give you credentials that verify your ability to work with Microsoft products effectively and professionally. Obtaining your MCP certification requires that you pass any one Microsoft certification exam. Several levels of certification are available based on specific suites of exams.

According to a study conducted by Applied Research Consultants, 90% of Microsoft Certified Professionals (MCP's) said certification was extremely useful in their work. In another study, managers and supervisors felt their MCP’s were significantly more competent than non-certified employees. This is valuable proof certification means increased knowledge and enhanced credibility.

Depending on your areas of interest or experience, you can obtain any of the following MCP credentials: